Hey. I'm Miles.

I've been all over this galaxy, and hardly paid a dime for any of it. Yet you can't even fly across an ocean on Earth for less than a $1000. Let's change that.

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Use Airbnb to fund your vacations.

Wanna know a secret? Savvy travelers want to stay in homes...not hotels. Find out how easy it is to pay for your next vacation.

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A week in Paris for $356? Easy.

Find out how we used Club Carlson's Big Night Giveaway to spend a week in Paris.

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Little Monsters

This is the place to start if you are new to the mileage and points universe. A hitchhikers guide if you will...

Monster Deals

Check here for the latest deals from across the web. Be careful though, because once you open up this wormhole there's no going back.

Meet the Monsters

Each of the Mile Monsters have their own area of expertise. From hotel points and airline miles, to crazy cheap airfares, these fur balls have you covered.

Make Contact

Need to ask one of these little guys a question? They know most of Earth's languages so go ahead, fire away!

Hey Miles! Thanks for helping me out on that trip to Mercury. You really know your stuff. I see you're moving on to Earth to help those humans out a little. Tough crowd there. I hear they don't travel much. Good luck and don't catch the flu.