• Using Zipcar.com instead of Hertz

    Posted on January 28, 2012 by in Car Rentals, Zipcar


    I have a trip coming up to San Francisco in early March. It’s not a business trip, just a personal one but I thought it would be great to have a car so I can drive around and see the sights. I found a great deal from Hertz on a rental from Oakland Airport for $65 tax included for 5 nights. Great! Well it turns out parking in San Francisco can range anywhere from $25-$50 PER DAY! My $65 rental car was going to cost around $250 to park for 5 nights.

    Enter Zipcar.com

    Zipcar is a ride sharing program where you rent cars by the hour. Hourly rates range from $7-$11 per hour. There is a sign-up fee of $50 to join and and application fee of $25. Those can be lower if you are a student or faculty at a university however.

    In San Francisco there are hundreds of Zipcar locations throughout the city. Three of them happen to be located next to the hotel I’m staying in. I’ll simply rent the car and use it for a few hours and return it to the garage where I took it from. No parking charges and the best part of it is Zipcars’ include gas and insurance!

    I was even able to score $25 in free driving credit.

    What do you think? Have you used Zipcar instead of traditional rental car companies?

    Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!

    Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!

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