• Radisson “Big Night Giveaway” Countdown

    Posted on May 14, 2012 by in Club Carlson


    In less than 13 hours the Radisson “Big Night Giveaway” and Country Inn “Stay One Get One” promotion will be open for registration. If you have not yet signed you and your family members up for Club Carlson accounts you can do so here for a 2000 point bonus:


    The Radisson promo is for 50,0000 Gold Points and the Country Inn promo is for 44,000 Gold Points. The Park Inn promo will be for 44,000 Gold Points as well when it launches on the May 22nd.

    Once registered be sure to have your account numbers and information available. Open two browser windows if you have them. Direct one to www.radissonbignightgiveaway.com and the other to www.sogocountry.com.

    I expect the Carlson servers to be swamped. This promotion has gotten a lot more press than last years promo and it’s worldwide this time. When things like that happen, servers tend to crash.

    After you register this evening, go to bed and get a good nights sleep because you have to work tomorrow.

    Get 10% back with Top CashBack.com

    The next step is to sign up for a TopCashBack account. According to The Frequent Miler, Radisson is increasing their cash back from 5% to 10% for this promo. You can use our link to signup if you so choose. It helps us repair our ship as our hyper-drive is out. Make sure you go through the TopCashBack portal and click through to Radisson. This will bring you to the main Radisson website to make your bookings. You also want to make sure you are logged in so you can earn a 1,000 – 3,000 point booking bonus from Club Carlson for booking online.

    Club Carlson will status match to other programs such as Priority Club, Hyatt, Starwood, and Marriott. If you are currently an elite with any of those programs I would suggest you email Club Carlson and ask for a status match before you begin any booking through their website. It should take around a week to get your status match.

    Remember there is no rush to book. Once you are registered you have until July 15th to make a booking. I would actually suggest holding off. Periodically Carlson will send out and email for 25%-35% select properties.

    Also before you book, check other websites such as Kayak, Easyclicktravel, or Getaroom.  They consistently have prices lower than Carlson hotels and this would qualify you for a Best Rate Guarantee (BRG). Carlson will match the lower rate and give you an additional 25% off. This can really add up on top of the cash back from TopCash Back. You can find the BRG page here http://www.clubcarlson.com/lrg/home.do


    Radisson Blu Berlin – 50,000 Gold Points

    Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan – 50,000 Gold Points




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  4. DCBob says:

    You do NOT have until July 15 to book! The terms & conditions require you to check out no later than July 15.