• Earn 4x, 6x, or 9x United, Delta or Hawaiian miles for hotel bookings

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    PointsHound lets you earn United, Delta, Hawaiian, or Aeromexico miles for every hotel reservation you make. Granted I wouldn’t use this to book stays where you are wanting to earn SPG, Hyatt, or any other loyalty points but places like Las Vegas or independent hotels work great. My $500 stay at New York New York that I was going to make anyway will earn me 1200 United miles. The more hotels you book the more you earn. You start off at 4x miles, then 6x, and up to 9x. Pay with a Chase Sapphire card and earn 2x Ultimate Rewards as well.

    Here’s the link and you get 100 miles for signing up.


    Here’s an example of the Skylofts at MGM Grand which, booking through Kayak, Expedia, or MGM Grand would not earn miles. However booking through PointsHound you earn 10,843 points for a 3 night stay. This is only at the first level which is around 4x points. After 5 nights booked you move up to level 2 which earns around 6x points. Book 20 nights and earn around 9x points. That’s around 24,000 United miles at the top level! I use the word “around” because that’s what PointsHound uses. I’m trying to figure out how they calculate it. I subtracted taxes but it still was a little shorter than I figured. Still a very good value if one has been using Expedia, Kayak, or other OTA. I value my United Miles very highly and any way I can earn more I jump on the chance.

    I also love the fact that they include Tripadvisor ratings on the booking window. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to switch back and forth between my booking site and Tripadvisor to get a recommendation. Well done PointsHound. Well done.


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