Our Mission



The Main Monster. The Head Honcho. The Big Guy. Miles keeps this crew in line and makes sure they bring you the best information from across the internet. He also does the grocery shopping and hates it when anyone puts their feet on the table.


Oopsy is in charge of Monster Mistakes. These are deals that come along once in a while and they don’t last long so take advantage of them while you have the chance. We’re talkin’ $20 a night hotel suites and $150 transatlantic airfare. Go now. Hurry. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook or sign up to receive our deals via email.


George is our Monster airline guru. Those four eyes of his let him keep a watchful eye on all those complicated fares. Let’s face it, if flying was cheap and easy, everyone would be doing it. Don’t call him “Four Eyes” though…he’s a little sensitive.


Sometimes Lorack gets a funny look when he goes to check in at the fancy hotels, especially when he doesn’t have his fur combed. Good thing he has elite status with most major hotel brands. From Platinum to Diamond status he’s got you covered on the hotel info.


They say green is the color of money but where Norton’s from it’s blue. He makes sure you stay filled in on how many bonus miles and points those banks are offering for their credit cards and if it’s a good deal.


Don’t let her size fool you. Even though she’s the smallest of the Mile Monster crew, she knows her stuff! She’ll help all you Little Monsters out there get started in the world of miles and points. She loves to answer any questions you you might have so don’t be shy.


Mile Monster Disclose

The goal at Mile Monster is to help you travel on the cheap. Period. Sometimes this involves signing up for credit cards and other promotions. Most blogs and travel sites earn a commission usually in excess of $200 per signup – but not MileMonster. We would rather write about stuff we are passionate about and not let the banks influence our posts.  If you enjoy the blog and the deals we write about, we would appreciate your support by donating through Paypal below. It does make a difference here at MileMonster and helps keep us little monsters around. You wouldn’t want us getting deported back to our home planet now would you?  ~Miles